Guest Post: The Paternity of King Edward IV by Carolina Casas

This is an article that I wrote a while ago for Tudorqueen6, a blog I recommend, about Cecily Duchess of York and Edward IV’s paternity. I dispel the notion inferred in the BBC’s and Starz’ White Queen that Edward was illegitimate. Cecily was not nicknamed ‘proud Cis’ and called herself ‘Queen by Rights’ for nothing. As a woman conscious of the status she held in society and her duties, she would have never stoop so low as to sleep with someone beneath her. Furthermore, her marriage was a happy one. She and Richard knew each other since children, since the young Duke’s custody had been given over to Cecily’s father and then to her mother, Joan Beaufort.


King Edward IV’s Paternity and The Duchess of York’s Reputation

(Intro and editing by Meg McGath)

The Duchess is accosted by Lady Rivers about her supposed affair in 'The White Queen'. The Duchess is accosted by Lady Rivers about her supposed affair in ‘The White Queen’.


Edward IV was born on April 28th, 1442 in Rouen, France. He was the eldest surviving son of Lord Richard, Duke of York and Lady Cecily (Neville), later known as “Queen by Right”. Edward became the first York monarch after his father was killed in battle. His father had planned on being crowned as soon as possible, but his untimely death left his son and heir the new King of England. Edward was King from 1460 to 1470 then again in 1471 until his death in 1483. Edward was cousin to queen Katherine Parr’s paternal great-grandmother, Lady Alice FitzHugh (born Neville). The relationship between Katherine Parr’s paternal grandfather, Lord Parr of Kendal, and Edward IV has been…

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