Ursula Pole, Baroness Stafford

Good Gentlewoman

Calling all lovers of Tudor history – countdown begins to the eagerly anticipated Wolf Hall. This six part series adapted from the novels by Man Booker prize winning author Hilary Mantel begins Wednesday January 21, 9 pm on  BBC2. 

Meanwhile – catch up with some Tudor news from the extended St John family …

Keeping one’s head in a crisis had a whole different connotation in the 16th century. And the more closely one was related to the King, the more difficult it became.

Ursula Pole, Baroness Stafford Ursula Pole, Baroness Stafford

Ursula was born in c1504 the daughter of Sir Richard Pole and Margaret Plantagenet, the daughter of George, Duke of Clarence, brother of two Yorkist Kings Edward IV and Richard III. A close cousin to the Henry VIII (her grandmother Edith St John was half sister to his grandmother, Margaret Beaufort) you could be forgiven for thinking this would have stood the…

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