Guildford Dudley’s Execution

Cary Elwes as Guildford Dudley in "Lady Jane".
Cary Elwes as Guildford Dudley in “Lady Jane”.
Guildford Dudley was the first one to die on the morning of Monday, 12th of February 1554. He was escorted to the Main Gate by Sir Anthony Browne and Jane saw him being led from the Tower to the block. Guildford asked his jailor to pray for him. Before dying, he had sent a message to his wife where he said “he wished to kiss her for the last time”. Jane however said that she did not want any distractions from her prayers and they both had to be strong for what was coming. Guildford, equally religious as her, was inspired by her courage and refused to have a priest with him which was a testament of his strong belief in the new faith. Jane would have seen his execution from her window. 

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