Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, and The Denial of The Armenian Genocide

This is a great article written by Lalo Dagach. If you are new to his channel or podcast, I highly recommend it. He has interesting conversations with people from all sides of the political spectrum. He is fair and balanced and also factual when it comes to topics like this -something that is sorely needed in our day and age in which denial is sought after by both extremes.

I admit that I did not know much about this subject until a few years ago. It is pretty sad to see that this is still not recognized as a genocide by many countries but given that the UN just elected Saudi Arabia to head the Human Rights commission and Erdogan extending his term, I am not that surprised.
I find it awful that Cenk and his other co-hosts at the TYT network continue to bypass this subject. This is a good article for anyone who wants to know more about this event (Lalo provides good links) and also learn more of TYT’s hypocrisy.



Cenk Uygur, host of the online show The Young Turks, has a dark history of both denying the genocide of the Armenian people, and subsequently naming his show after its Turkish perpetrators.

The Armenian Genocide

In 1908, under the Ottoman Empire, a political group named the Young Turks waged a rebellion against Sultan Abdul Hamid II forcing him out of political office. By 1915, this political party would become the perpetrators of what has come to be known as the Armenian Genocide, in which up to 1.5 million were estimated to have been systematically dislocated, tortured, and massacred. This event culminated on 24 April 1915, when Young Turk members arrested, and later killed, 250 various Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in the Ottoman capital of Constantinople. The evidence confirming the Armenian Genocide is not only abundant, but also dishearteningly tragic.

In 1915,  The New York Times alone published 145 articles

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